ShareBIM Features Highlights

ShareBIM: Upload Models

A real collaboration begins with upload Revit Models to ShareBIM.

In this video, we’ll show you how to upload the BIM model from Revit to ShareBIM platform

ShareBIM: Model Preview

With ShareBIM, you can preview model and navigate your model without Revit or Navisworks.

ShareBIM: Model Functions

Explore ShareBIM by leaning its functions. With 360 degree, you can rotate and move the model. With the zoom and scroll features, you can see clearer by zoom in and out and scroll up and down. Select objects with specific view.

ShareBIM: Model Cross Section

With ShareBIM, no more boundaries on model viewing. Cross section view by moving or dragging the model.

ShareBIM: Model Measure

With ShareBIM, you can measure the height, length, width, angle and area without site visit.

ShareBIM: Model Roaming

With ShareBIM, you can walk through the building anywhere, anytime.

ShareBIM: Common Data Environment

With ShareBIM, you can collect, manage and disseminate documents in one platform.

ShareBIM: Collaboration Management

With ShareBIM, you can communicate and collaborate with stakeholders in a single platform. 

ShareBIM: Schedule Management - 4D

With ShareBIM, you can see the progress of the project with 4D simulation.

ShareBIM: Form Management

With ShareBIM, you can submit a form automatically and manage it more quickly, economically and minimize environmental impact.

ShareBIM: Mobile Application

ShareBIM mobile app has the same functions as PC version.